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Ciara Bresnahan is a 2D animator and story artist currently based in New York City. From the wild lands of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, she has earned a B.F.A. in Animation in 2018 from the Savannah College of Art and Design.

With a focus on storytelling and comedy, Ciara has been creating content from a young age. Strongly influenced by the hefty amounts of cartoons she watch with her brothers, Ciara’s goals are to create comedy centric and character focused works that can make her family laugh. (They’re a tough crowd)

During her years at SCAD, she been an animation supervisor on Mind Up: Inside the Brain with the Hawn Foundation, as well as being the director on her own film Hotspot. Since graduation she has done internships and freelance for Hornet Inc and Deep Sky.

When she's not animating, she's either getting burnt at the beach, talking about her dog, or trying really hard to make people laugh.



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