Projects I worked on while freelancing and interning for the different studios.

Super Bowl LIII Pre-Open

An animation created for Bleacher Report for a Super Bowl pre-open at Deep Sky.

Directed by Jared Hobbs, the animation was a Roto-scoped from actual football footage.

Super Bowl_shot_01.gif

Responsible for the animation and clean up for the Patriots Player on the left.

Super Bowl_shot_02.gif

Responsible for the animation and clean up for the Rams Player on the right.


Responsible for the effects animation.

Super Bowl_shot_04.gif

Responsible for the effects animation.

Super Bowl_shot_05.gif

Responsible for the animation and clean up for the body of Rams Player 22 on the left

Laundry Bugs

Rough Animation

An animation I created for Hornet's instagram.

Style Frames


lb_insta_style frame__01
lb_insta_style frame_02
lb_insta_bugs exploration_03_edited.jpg

Character Designs/ Exploration 

lb_insta_bugs exploration_03_edited.jpg
lb_insta_bugs character poses
bug exploration_2.jpg

Wreck It Ralph Stickers

Responsible for clean up


Animated stickers created for mobile devices at Deep Sky, directed Jared Hobbs.

Concept Designs

Deep Sky Christmas Animation

An animation created for Deep Sky's yearly Christmas animation, directed by Jared Hobbs.

Motion/ Animation Test

Style Frames

I had the opportunity to pitch a numerous concepts and ideas for the yearly Christmas animation while I was an intern. We settled on the idea of combining live action video and 2D animation on a Christmas tree.

I animated all the lip sync and most of the eye animation on the orbs.